Tuesday, September 8, 2015



I'm honestly not going to write a blog post on as much as I did last time, but I want to say Courtney Svatek (@Altermentality on Twitter) inspired this one.

Before I turned 21, I use to think a lot on where a lot of my time was allocated and how much of it was wasted. I always try to either do one of the following things

A. Justify it (Ex. "If I didn't do this, maybe THIS wouldn't have happened and that sucks")
B. Mope over it (Ex. "If I took this opportunity instead of sitting around maybe I would be where I want")

But now, I see no use in that. I don't see a need to justify the past. We all waste time, don't we? Sometimes letting go is the best way to move forward (i am letting all you horses go). Sometimes letting loose is good. Sometimes days dedicated to nothing in particular are wonderful. Those are the best feelings. Usually, if it frustrates it's because you're forced to do it, so why not cure that with the opposite?

Thanks to everyone who's been on my journey of 22. It's been really difficult, and I've got a lot I've had to cope with while moving. Anyone who knows me has seen how selfless (not to brag, for sure) I've been and how much I've had to deal with. The scary part? Even I don't feel like I know my full story of being here.

I didn't thank specific people last time, but I think I more than owe it with all the moves I've had to do and all. Shout-outs to Billy/Ray (even though it's been him and I on a lot of this journey), DragonLX/Zinfogel/David/Whatever he changes his avatar to in 24 hours, Mack (who's now a teacher), Ash, Divy, Ridleywolf, Lamarthefrog, Altermentality, Red Ryu, KumaOso, "Basically anyone doing narration on WIA", Othin, Destiny Smasher, Axelayer, Jordaan Mason / CarboHydroM (so special that they deserve a duo mention), FireFlinger, Zeldaru, Rallex, TBG, Deadly... this post makes me realize i have a lot of friends and this is not a bad thing

so thanks even if you've been there whether you've known me for years and years like many of you have or just met me. my promise to myself is wasting more time on myself because i am worth wasting time on to me


So, I'm not going to make any huge promises but

-This blog will at least be used soon to talk about the Sound Design on Infusion. Yes, we're quiet, but with two out of five of us out of commission and the rest of us swamped with work, we're on a bit of a hiatus. Yes, Infusion is on schedule. Yes, it's a game project I'm in. Yes, you will hear more than this.
-Demo Disease has a lot of stuff coming up. Billy and I now have two other musicians that are a bit honorary that we use sometimes for live shows. If you're in WA, keep on the lookout! We're looking to do 3-5~ shows this year? There's a lot more under the belt in the works. Prepare to hear awesome Folk/Jazz nerdy and/or empowering songs.
-I've got a huge YT collaboration with two musicians that will be out by the end of the year.
-I've got a few other things in the works. There's one announcement I've been itching to make on what I would consider to be "My wannabe but will probably never happen" Magnum Opus.

so that's what's going on with me that isn't work stuff. using the game of mystery here but i may have been a bit too mysterious
Keep in touch and I hope the next few months will be as interesting for you as they are for me!